Hiline 3rd Birthday ft 4B, NOY + Friends

Friday 17 August 2018
Doors 10pm

ON SALE NOW → bit.ly/HilineTurns3

We’re going all out for this one.
Expect everything. Regret nothing.

More details to come…

━━ // F E A T U R I N G // ━━

4B (USA)
From a career that birthed through mapping out beats at a school lunch table in New Jersey, 4B has achieved what every young producer stays up late day dreaming about. His talent for boundary-pushing forward thinking production translates easily into a finely tuned ear for remixing and mind-melting live shows. It’s no wonder why the big dogs of every major label are turning their heads.
We guarantee that you won’t leave disappointed after 4B takes over our spiritual home.

The Brisbane bass native is quickly ascending the Australian dance music scene and transcending musical boundaries with his trap and bass-predominant beats. Best known for his versatility and celebration of a BPM overload. NOY is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most explosive artists in the scene.
Expect it hard, and expect it fast.

The familiar faces you’ve come to know and love.
Full roster TBA

━━ // T I C K E T S // ━━

On sale right now through the link below:

━━ // M A N T R A // ━━