Ambar Weekender – Friday Breaks

Friday 31 July 2020
104 Murray Street, Perth
9pm – 5am

Is there a better time than right now to do it all over again?

You’ve been shut in. We’ve been shut down. Everything’s opening in July which is Ambar Reunion time (!) and this time we’re supersizing and doing it over a WHOLE WEEKEND.

Friday night: this is classic breakbeat. Early Ambar. Old school Ambar. 2001-early 2010’s. Tigers and owls and pool tables and 6am closes and $5 drinks and Ambar Loyalty cards…

We’ll be bringing back some classic ‘Ambar’ to make it feel a little more familiar – DJs, sounds, humans, staff, furniture – all of it.

Lucy’s Love Shack will again revive the spiritual Home of the Underground back into life…with the added bonus of some fkn excellent pizza and a lot more beer options!

Book your babysitter, start stretching and get your game face on.

Can’t wait to see you and your crew – one more night.

Guarantee your entry and maximise time inside on the d-floor (not outside in the queue) tickets on sale 10am Tuesday 30 June.