Ambar: One Night Only

Saturday 13 July 2019
B/104 Murray Street
8pm – 5am

Too soon? HELL NO!

We miss you. And you miss us. A lot.

A year after that final night, is there a better time than right now to do it all over again?

Old school, new school, doesn’t matter what school – all the crew together again in the same space where lifelong friendships were formed, marriages merged (so many marriages…) and history was made!
Yep, the uber cool Lucy’s Love Shack will revive the spiritual Home of the Underground back to life.

We’ll be bringing back some classic ‘Ambar’ to make it feel a little more familiar – DJs, sounds, humans, staff, furniture – all of it!

…with the added bonus of some fkn excellent pizza and a lot more beer options!
Book your babysitter, start stretching and get your game face on.

Can’t wait to see you and your crew – one more night.

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Priority is given to ticketholders.
We are expanding into the carpark (just like a year ago) so there’ll be plenty of room to catch up with mates comfortably xoxo