Breakfest FAQs + Event Information

Here it is Breakfesters – your Breakfest Event Information!

Everything you need to know for your favourite day of the year.


  • 1pm – 11pm
  • Breakfest is an 18+ event – valid photo ID is essential.
    To assist with a faster entry process, please have your ID, ticket + bag ready for inspection.
    If your ID is expired, bring everything you have + politely plead your case with the venue security. They can make a judgement call on the day + their call is final.
  • This is a NO PASS OUT event; come prepared!
  • Moshtix representatives will be on site in the ticket booth for any ticketing issues
  • We provide EFTPOS facilities in the Ticket Box and Merchandise/Cloakroom tent but no cash out
  • The venue also has EFTPOS across the bars (purchase only, no cash out).
  • Merchandise is available for sale.
  • A Cloakroom facility is available.
  • Lost and Found is located in the Cloakroom
  • Cigarettes will be available for purchase in the Smoking Lounge
  • First Aid is available for you or a mate throughout the entirety of the event
  • Free sunscreen is available from the Cloakroom
  • Earplugs will be available from the Cloakroom (at no charge)
  • Remember to respect yourself, those around you and the environment


Do I need to do a name change?
Only way to guarantee entry is to have tickets in your name.
Hit it via Moshtix here

My tickets never got emailed to me/I can’t find my ticket!
Hit Moshtix here


Boomtick does not run the bars or book the food vendors at Breakfest.
Please contact the venue, Belvoir, for any questions/comments on bars (including staffing queries).


For bar work, please contact the Belvoir.


Public transport is a bit crappy on Boxing Day; there is a limited run bus that runs along the highway from Midland train station – check the PTA/Transperth site to plan a route.

Two things we recommend:

Hughes Car Service has introduced an ‘economy’ car service called EZYCAR. Can be more economical than a cab or Uber.


Posting in the event wall asking to join another Breakfest crew who have booked transport/a bus.
Breakfesters are incredibly generous and if there’s room on a bus they’ve booked, are happy to take extra people out ‘n back.