We couldn’t be more excited to present the Australian exclusive of ‘A-Z’ : A.SKILLZ vs Z-TRIP at Breakfest!

A decade in the making – two of the heavyweights of #realdjing have finally agreed to battle it out in an Australian exclusive throwdown at Breakfest on Boxing Day, DJ against DJ.

But…not all battles are between enemies. A.SKILLZ and Z-TRIP are friends, colleagues, mates – mates with immense musical libraries. Mates with unparalleled skills; few things are as thrilling as witnessing two evenly-matched artists at the top of their craft in a game of one-upmanship and fans are expecting nothing short of an all-out spectacular. A mastery of turntablism delivering the A to Z of broken beat records on four turntables care of two of the greatest going pound-for-pound for the best sound. The A to Z of Funk, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Rock, Drum and all things Bass.
It’s old world skills v fresh tech and it’s all LIVE.

Here’s a taste…

Adam and I are both SUPER excited about this and we’re both REALLY HYPED,” said Z-Trip about the upcoming battle of the beat, “We think people are really going to dig this!!“.

We think so too!

The excitement leading up to ‘The Battle of Breakfest’ between A.SKILLZ and Z-TRIP is matched only by the electrifying and heightened sense of expectation given the impeccable track record of performances from both these headliners at Breakfest over our 17 year history.

This isn’t a battle of the genre; it’s a clash of great mates and their best music selection in the hope of outdoing each other and you know that makes for the best show ever at the best day ever.


See you there 🙂