We know you can’t wait until Boxing Day for your favourite Breakfest artist – so we’ll be letting you get a lil’ intimate with them through our Breakfest 2015 Artist Q+A’s!

First up – the mighty Stanton Warriors!
(answered by Dom)

•    What was your first job? DJ believe it or not. Played the school ball and from then onwards it was like ‘yeah i like this job!’
•    Ultimate crush? – Always fancied Natalie Imbruglia when i was young, not so sure now.
•    Favourite YouTube video? – Panda sneezing! Cute and original!
•    What were you like in school? – Daydreamer who got good results but didn’t really care much for towing the line
•    Ultimate condiment? Guacamole! Cant live without Avocados in my life (does that count?)
    What was the last lie you told? ‘Yeah your new tune is really er great!’
    Biggest fear? Having to get a ‘real’ job and being forced to get up early in the morning
•    What do you think Victoria’s secret is? A stupid shop that seems to be in every airport in the world – mainly for guilty men to buy over priced lingerie for their girlfriends/wives as sweeteners/gifts
    Ultimate last meal on earth? Butterfish sashimi, miso black cod and poached lobster washed down with everything.
•    What’s your go-to pick up line/technique? Do you like obscure japanese food? Ok cool lets go for dinner.
    Best TV show/series? Narcos currently! All time fav has to be The Wire tho
•    Adidas, Asics, Puma or Nike? Bored of all of them but Nike i guess
•    What can’t you stop listening too at the moment? The building work going on in the house next door to me.
•    What grinds your gears? Builders – i hate all of them that i can’t currently hear at 8 am every morning.
•    Vegemite: yay or nay? Love vegemite although its not that easy to get in London!